Cleveland Police Department

                                                   Third District

                                               2001 Payne Avenue


October 30, 1974                                                                     2:13 am


                                        Transcript of Voluntary Oral Statement


Interrogation conducted by: Detective Edward D. Sadowski

Badge No.: 366

Suspect Name: Luther Charles Vayne

DOB: 10/16/1944

Ht: 5’11”

Wt.: 185

Eyes: None

Distinguishing Marks: numerous tattoos and brandings, scars on face and hands


OFFICER:   You have expressed your desire to waive the presence of counsel

                    and to make a full confession. Is that correct?


VAYNE:      It is.


OFFICER:   This is regarding the murder of Anna Dressler and Eric Dressler?


VAYNE:      Yes.


OFFICER:   What is it you want me to know?


VAYNE:      As I mentioned to your desk officer, I killed them both tonight.


OFFICER:   What exactly did you do? Can you tell me that?


VAYNE:       I have only done what I was sent here to do.


OFFICER:   Sent? From where? By whom?


VAYNE:       The shadows that speak to me are of no concern. All that matters for

                     you is that I killed the woman and her child. That is enough, is it not?

                     I have no wish to hide anything anymore.


OFFICER:    Anymore? You've done this before?


VAYNE:       Yes, many times over the last year.


OFFICER:   You've been killing women and children for a year?


VAYNE:      Patience, detective. As I told you, I have no wish to hide anything.

                    The facts of this and every one of my deeds are yours to examine now.


OFFICER:   You know who this boy and his mother were, don't you? Mrs. Dressler 

                     was an heiress. She had quite a large fortune. That's no accident, is it?

                     You targeted this kid, and his mother, didn't you?


VAYNE:      I know who they were, and more importantly, who they were not. I

                   know many things about them that you do not. Believe me detective,

                   money was not involved, in this or any other of my recent acts. These

                   were no mere children. At least until tonight, and for that I am very



OFFICER:   Sorry? Ok, that's a start. Why don't you tell me what you did here?


VAYNE:      I would have thought the act spoke for itself. If you'd like a narrative

                   however, I am prepared to oblige. Simply stated, I cut the woman's head

                   from her neck. I drove an iron rod through her body, then through the

                   body of her child. Just before I cut out his heart. [Pause] Would you like

                   to hear about the others as well, detective? Or shall we take a brak? You

                   look like you might need some water.


OFFICER:  How many others are there?


VAYNE:      The boy and his mother tonight were the thirteenth.


OFFICER:   You're prepared to confess to thirteen murder? Thirteen double



VAYNE:      I am. That is why I came here tonight, to confess to everything. To every

                   killing. At your convenience, of course. This will have to be the end of it.

                   For now.