"...reminiscent of Stephen King"


                                 -- Red City Review



"A chilling book ... undertones of Lovecraft, mixed with (Clive) Barker and just a splash of Thomas Harris, Rites of Azathoth is a thrill ride of a novel ... Cavallo is a master of the mental image ... he takes your brain and makes it his canvas." 


                  --The Horror Review


"... high intrigue, ancient rituals, disgusting villains and mind-ripping horrors ... catnip for Lovecraft fans."


                   --The Slaughtered Bird


"Cavallo presents as a certifiable virtuoso in terror ... creepy as hell ... many a skin-crawling moment ... readers may  be prompted to double check the door locks at night or sleep with the lights on for a spell ... you'll be hooked from chapter one."




"exceptional ... can proudly take its place in the Lovecraftian Mythos ... riveting, intriguing and terrifying..."


                  --The Haunted Reading Room 


"A fast-paced plot with an edge ... suspenseful with every page ... a wicked novel full of twisted scenes."


                   --Urban Book Reviews


 "...R-rated crime fiction that takes a sudden, jarring turn into the otherworldly ... makes the supernatural stuff stand out in an explosive, stunning way."


                    --Revolution Sci-Fi 


"Five Stars. An amazing adventure that seamlessly presents the Cthulhu myth in a fresh, exciting way. An absolute must read!"


                    --Christopher Havens


"Definitely going to be a treat for fans of HP Lovecraft ... This is a bloody book with demons and Elder Gods, not for the faint of heart ... insanity-inducing eldritch horrors."


                     --Girl Who Reads


"A masterful blend ... readers will find themselves in the midst of dark rituals and a world of horror and fear."


                     --Best Thrillers


"...a special recommendation .... more than enough to keep them awake at night."


                     --Midwest Book Review


 "This blend of  police procedural and Lovecraftian horror had two hooks to grab me."


                      -- Don D'Ammassa


"An enjoyable read ... FBI profiling and backroom politics mixed with sloppy tentacles grabbing unsuspecting victims and all manner of eldritch horrors."


                      --BenW Reviews


"Oh Cthulhu, there was so much about this book that I loved ... the Lovecraftian mythos was worked in perfectly ... paints it so clearly that I could see the battle. And it was glorious."


                      --SciFi & Scary


"Wonderfully bloody, interesting, creepy, well-written descent into the occult."


                      --Open Book Post