Here are a few of my short stories from the last couple of years...


                                                    (just click on the pics to open the stories)



                      The very brief tale of a wizard who conjures far more than he wishes--or realizes. 




                   A legendary warrior returns to his kingdom as a monstrous army threatens to

                         overwhelm it, but the rarely-seen knight is not what anyone expects




                                 A pair of time travelers find that attempting to change history 

                                            may be more difficult than they thought




                  In the mists of old pagan Ireland, the ghostly maiden of the dead defies the Celtic gods







                        What would life (and death) be like if anyone really did have super powers?




The Reverend Lewis has long maintained his own private mission, to spread "the Truth" to every runaway and lost soul he can take in -- by whatever brutal means he sees fit. Today however, he's

               being called upon by someone entirely different, who has an agenda all her own.