I'm a writer of the surreal and the supernatural. The dark and the macabre.


Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.


Here you'll find info about all of my work: novels, short stories and flash fiction, plus connections to all my stuff out there in the ether.


My latest novel "The Hand of Osiris" was released in 2013 by Necro Publications, while my first novel "The Lucifer Messiah" is available from Medallion Press. My work in the Warhammer universe, including my novella "Into the Valley of Death" is available from Black Library, both as a stand-alone and contained within the Gotrek & Felix anthology "Lost Tales". My short fiction has appeared in a variety of publications, including Another Realm, Ray Gun Revival, Every Day Fiction, Lost Souls and the Warhammer e-magazine Hammer and Bolter.


Check out the "Links" page to visit the sites for my publishers. There are handy connections to Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords (where you can buy my books, obviously) as well as some great sites for writers.


There are some cool video trailers for "The Lucifer Messiah" and "The Hand of Osiris" to check out, as well as excerpts from those two novels plus one from "Into the Valley of Death" -- if you'd like to get a little preview. I’ve also got a few short stories as well as some comic book-style artwork for your reading/viewing pleasure.


Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to drop me a line anytime!