"A master of the mental image ... he takes your brain and makes it his canvas." 


                                                     --The Horror Review



    "What became clear to me in the endless eons I spent drowning in his wake is

this: Azathoth is always aware.


       "He has many faces, separate after a fashion, yet never cut off from the whole. Some fragment is ever-watching, pondering and thinking. Like the ebb and flow of an endless black ocean do his many splinter-selves rise and fall; ascending to great heights of thought beyond the contemplation of our poor minds, then collapsing back into the eternal dreaming sea.


        "It is the threatened rousing of the whole that we justly fear. Should that multitude be awakened, should that infinite ocean of darkness rise to a churning boil, the consequences would surely be dire.


        "For all life. For all existence."




"... high intrigue, ancient rituals, disgusting villains and mind-ripping horrors ... catnip for Lovecraft fans."


--The Slaughtered Bird


"a certifiable virtuoso in terror ... creepy as hell ... many a skin-crawling moment ... readers may  be prompted to double check the door locks at night or sleep with the lights on for a spell ... you'll be hooked from chapter one."