"terrific fantasy ... intriguing ...


imaginative...Five Stars"


--Readers Favorite

"A good old fashioned quest-style fantasy tale with enough blood and guts to satisfy horror fans too. Good fun!"


            -- The Grim Reader


"An enjoyable, entertaining and epic tale ... If dark fantasy, even darker technology, complex characters and an even more complex world are your bag, look no further."




"Damn, but this was a whole lot of pulp, sci-fi, adventure fun."


             -- Beauty in Ruins


"A five-star time travel novel for the 21st century.  Highly recommended ... the talented Mr. Cavallo enters a genre of notable time travel books, most recently Thomas Davison’s Past is Present, Douglas E. Richards’ Split Second and Stephen King’s 11/22/63. But Cavallo distinguishes himself amongst the pack ...  Eye of the Storm is one book that is guaranteed to grip you from the get go. Read it. "


               --Best Thrillers


"Conan-esque pulp fantasy adventure set in a land that time forgot .... the writing is full of confidence and verve ... Highly entertaining ... Expect violence, death and gore."


               --Unlimited Book Reviews


"This alternate universe is satisfyingly different from most fantasy creations, blending paranormal and fantasy worlds with a deft attention to creating an action-packed story that is hard to predict and replete with fresh, original scenarios...stands above others in the fantasy/alternate universe genre."


               --Midwest Book Review


"Cavallo spins a fast-paced tale in his latest read...with a unique cast and setting...a flurry of twists and turns...quite a page turner, Eye of the Storm is bound to be a favorite among fantasy enthusiasts."


                -- Red City Review 


"To say Mister Cavallo’s story is original may be an understatement....He has built a vibrant world, full of mystery and wonder, with things both familiar and foreign and created something that is fun to read. Because of this, the story takes some unexpected twists and turns, which left us impressed and yearning for more."


                 -- Fantasia Reviews


"A fun fantasy read that involves different dimensions...swords and magic...definitely unique."


                  --Svetlana's Reads


"An explosive combinations of wizards, queens, multiple worlds and so much more...a fanastic universe, a lot of action...it's mind-blowing."


                   --Lilly's Book World