"a visionary work of twisted art."


    -Athena Schaffer

     (aka The Crowgrrl)

"A compelling story that keeps you guessing until the very end."


    --Eternal Night





"...a macho, tough-guy sensibility pervades his...bloody, staccato-delivery of this Mafia-tinged horror show...set 60 years ago in the Hell's Kitchen underworld of New York City, as a race of shapeshifters congregate for an orgy-infused festival and a blood-spilling battle for power..."



    --Karen R. Long, Cleveland Plain Dealer


"A wild ride centering around an underworld of shape-shifting creatures, bringing Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED to mind, and like Tom Piccirilli's HEADSTONE CITY ... Think an acid trip edition of NYPD Blue merged with the cult film SOCIETY, and you pretty much know what to expect. Fans of monster-infested tales will enjoy the strange ones on display here, several who would fit perfectly in a Lovecraft story."



       --Horror Fiction Review



"Frank Cavallo cleverly uses creatures of myths and legends to further the tale as the audience wonders what is good and evil and who lines up where including the protagonist. Dark fantasy fans will cherish this urban thriller."


    --Harriet Klausner





Here's an interview I did for The Lucifer Messiah with the Crowgrrl, Athena Schaffer, reviewer and purveyor of all things dark and sinister. (It's the 5th spotlight on the page -- just click on the crow and scroll down).


Sadly, Athena passed away recently, but her site and her enduring love for the occult live on. She was one of the first boosters of my work as well as one of the first people to ask me for an interview.


She will always hold a special place in my heart.